The forthcoming 6th Bi-Annual International European Women’s Invention, Innovation & Enterprise Network is to be staged in Italy for the first time following Germany, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and the United Kingdom on the 28-29 June 2017 in the heart of Bari for anyone involved in viable new ideas, innovation, research and enterprise.

From building digital infrastructures, new science to low technology, high viability concepts and products, EUWIIN was set up in 2006, specifically to bridge the gender gap and find effective ways of bringing support, tools and information to assist women in achieving significant growth.

Increasing the success rate of women’s originality & marketability of their developed concept, product

or service. Accessing support for seed capital from government and university programs including spin-outs companies. Stimulating wider inclusiveness and the exchange of knowledge in areas such as the use of technology, science, engineering, intellectual property rights, access to finance, international trade, equity and commercialization.

Developing business growth with characteristics that reinvent, set industry standards and radically create changes with impact. The creation of initiatives that provide opportunities to benchmark skills, re-train, re-skill, re-tool and take advantage of current and emerging opportunities.

EUWIIN strives to ensure that official innovation strategies, policies and projects take gender diversity into consideration with the need to develop effective policy goals and a range of applied services designed to contribute to social and economic growth.